• Oct 18 2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


• Nairobi, Kenya.

Knowledge Management (KM) as we know it has a lot of promise in ensuring organizational innovation, efficiency, improved service delivery, replication of best practices and elimination of failures. This is achieved in an environment that supports knowledge acquisition, production, transfer and integration. These key processes of KM calls for sustained collaboration and socialization within the organization, that is guided towards achieving key targeted organizational goals.

Communities of Practices (CoPs) is a key tactic and strategy in KM institutionalization. It brings experts with common interest together to solve specific organizational problems and provide solutions. Public organizations are organized in some sort of communities of practice whether we want to look at it at sectoral level, ministry or state department level, counties or agencies, or even as committees within an organization with an aim of solving specific problems.

In this ISKO Kenya event we will look at the use of CoPs as a KM tactic and strategy in ensuring efficiency, innovation and improved service delivery in the public service. The aim is to help organizations launch and sustain these CoPs to realize the expected outcomes. The State Department for Economic Planning will provide context of CoPs as a directive in the National KM Policy.

The State Department for Economic Planning is leading in guiding public organizations on institutionalizing this practice as a directive in the KM Policy. Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has registered a lot of success with their Communities of Practice and Innovation (COPI) Forum to solve problems, innovate and enhance efficiency in service delivery. We will hear from Joseph Mbugua KenGen’s Chief Knowledge Management and innovation Officer on this journey of success. National Research Fund provides support to organizations in realizing specific outcomes from their CoPs as a KM practice. Jacob Njangih a Director at NRF will provide details of such support. This virtual event will be moderated by Moses Wadeguh, a Certified Knowledge Manager, KM Consultant and President of ISKO Kenya.